The Chapter Challenge is intended to promote participation in the ALR and Legion Family activities in manner beneficial to the American Legion Family and rewarding to the individual Riders member. Riders earn points for various activities such as, participation in Legion events, group rides, attending meetings and visiting State Parks. Each year the winners, 1st 2nd and 3rd,  are rewarded at the Officer Installation with a commemorative plaque and a gift certificate. All those who participate recieve a patch. It's great fun and a great way to participate in the programs of the American Legion.

2017-2018 Chapter Challenge Winners

1st Place-Wildfire              2nd Place- G-Man                          3rd Place-Ratchet

2016-2017 Chapter Challenge Winners

          1st Place- Hammer                               2nd Place- Ditch                               3rd Place- G-Man

2015-2016 Chapter Challenge Winners

         1st Place- Guano                                2nd Place- Venom                          3rd Place- Wildfire

2014-2015 Chapter Challenge Winners

 1st Place- Two Shots                            2nd Place-Joker                                 3rd Place- Venom

2013-2014 Chapter Challenge Winners

 1st Place- Hammer            Tie for 2nd Place- Ditch and Venom               3rd Place- Bumblebee             

2016 American Legion Riders Chapter 331, St. Robert, MO